Gardener's Christmas Gift Bundle - 10 cards and 10 sweet pea seed packets

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Featuring one pack of 10 Christmas cards and 10 personalised sweetpea seed packets, this bundle is great for green-thumbed supporters who want to add a splash of colour to their garden in summer, or to share the gift of home grown flowers with their loved ones.

Choose one pack from the selection of Christmas cards, each design includes 10 cards with white envelopes.

Then choose the personalised greeting you wish to be included on the sweetpea seed packets. If you would prefer to not include a personalised greeting, please leave this option blank.

All sweetpea seed packets come with a backing card with sowing instructions and information about the sweetpea's roots in the history of Against Breast Cancer. 

Information about the seeds

We chose the subtly scented Mrs. R. Bolton variety offering large and ruffled almond-pink flowers with vines that grow up to approximately 5-6 ft. tall. 

Each packet contains 5 sweet pea seeds in a brown envelope.  

Packet dimensions: H10 x W6cm.

When to sow Where to sow
September In flowering site 2cm deep, or in pots with 5 seeds in each
October and November In a cold frame
January In a heated glasshouse
March In a cold frame

Direct to flowering site

100% of the profit from the sale of these Christmas cards goes to Against Breast Cancer.

The ultimate goal of Against Breast Cancer is to prevent secondary spread, which is the main cause of breast-cancer related deaths. 

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