Christmas Gift Bundle - 30 cards plus bauble or wicker heart

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  • Limited-edition handmade pink ribbon bauble, with added vibrant pink glitter hearts.
  • Handmade Pink Ribbon Bauble with Pastel Pink Heart Glitter
  • A classic handmade pink ribbon bauble.
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Featuring three packs of 10 Christmas cards and 1 handmade pink ribbon bauble or wicker heart, this bundle is great for supporters who want to raise awareness with a thoughtful gift this Christmas, or simply wish to have a beautiful pink ribbon decoration this year. 

Choose three packs from the selection of Christmas cards, each design includes 10 cards with white envelopes, then choose 1 handmade pink ribbon bauble or wicker heart.

100% of the profit from the sale of these Christmas cards goes to Against Breast Cancer.

The ultimate goal of Against Breast Cancer is to prevent secondary spread, which is the main cause of breast-cancer related deaths. 

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