Professor Stephen Beers

Professor Stephen Beers

5th Mar 2019

We are pleased to be able to announce that the Against Breast Cancer funded Cancer Immunology researcher Dr Stephen Beers was promoted to the position of Professor of Immunology and Immunotherapy in August 2018.

His research group, based in the newly opened Centre for Cancer Immunology at Southampton University Hospital, seeks to understand how antibody drugs work to result in tumour regression. Professors Max Crispin and Stephen Beers have recently established an Against Breast Cancer funded collaborative programme to help link their groups together to enhance their abilities to address the very real problems facing patients with secondary breast cancer.

Their research is currently focused on two issues preventing effective therapy for breast cancer; the need for better antibody drugs to more effectively target breast cancer cells and kill them and understanding how host factors such as nutrition and obesity impact the tumour microenvironment and affect antibody mechanisms. This extensive research programme, funded by Against Breast Cancer, aims to rationally design and develop novel immunotherapy strategies to enhance patient outcomes.

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