Major new investment announced

Major new investment announced

5th Apr 2019

In April we were able to announce an 11 year £2.25million major new investment at University of Southampton for the purpose of undertaking research into secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths.

The project, led by Professor Max Crispin is exploring innovative ways to develop anti-cancer antibodies that can detect and destroy breast cancer cells, including secondary breast cancer, without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

The announcement which came at our latest open day held for volunteers and supporters of the charity took place at the new Centre for Cancer Immunology.

Our guests were made up of volunteers and supporters of the charity who were invited to attend presentations led by the key researchers leading the research.

Tours of the brand new purpose built laboratories followed and included opportunities for everyone to see for themselves just some of the challenges facing the research team. There were opportunities to learn basic lab skills and everyone had a chance to meet with the research team to see first hand how the funds they have raised are being put to use.

Against Breast Cancer is a remarkable charity. They realise the need for long term support for challenging research programmes and our relationship has been cemented further by the charity’s continuing commitment to fund breast cancer research well into the future.”

Professor Max Crispin